"The Primal Health 101 workshop Nick presented was a great starting point for people wanting to learn about nutrition and how certain foods affect the body.

We liked the fact that Nick took a non-partisan approach to nutrition. He was not pro or anti meat, vegan, vegetarian, alcohol etc. He simply offered up research and science based facts and let the listener decide what's best for them.

Overall we all really enjoyed it, it has made us look at certain foods and how we can improve our own diet and health.

After yesterday I’ve given up bread, will cut down on beer and totally ban the vegetable oils.

The presentation had us all asking questions about what we eat. So from that point of view it’s done the trick. The more people Nick can inspire to want to know more, the more people are going to get to know.

He is a great living example of what he’s saying."

Nick Heaton, CEO Elta Fans Asia

Corporate Wellness Workshop Health Coach

“Nick provided us with a compelling presentation on how important healthy life choices are for our overall health and life longevity. Nick’s approach is backed by research and science which appealed to us as Project Managers, we have analytical minds and never except the opinion of one person. The feedback overall from the team was positive and well-worth a focus for overall team well-being.”

Anna Broughton, WA & NT State Manager, NS Group.