Who am I, and what do I do?

My name is Nick and I am a Health Coach. I help people who want to retake control of their health and well-being implement healthier lifestyle habits.

I help people who have the same concerns I had about getting older: concerns about creeping weight gain, preventing illness or disease, and living a long active life.

I can help you look, feel, and live healthily, slow down the ageing process, be as physically active as you can, and lower your risk of the most common causes of early death and the morbidities of old age: cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and diabetes.

Read how I did it below.

Health Coach
40 Kilo loss - No exercise

The saying goes, 'You can't outrun a bad diet', so I changed how and what I ate. I did no exercise other than the occasional game of golf.

Over around 18 months, I lost 40 kilos (80 lbs) and went from a 106cm (46") waist to an 81cm (34").

I have more energy to pursue more interests, have less stress, and much better sleep. I'm a much happier, and positive person than I was just a few years ago.

If you're committed to changing your health outcomes, I want you to experience these benefits too.

I became a health coach to support people who want to change their health for the better.

I created GeneLife Australia as a vehicle to help you live a longer, healthier life.

Read more about me here.

Imagine what changing your health could mean.

Imagine how much more productive you could be and enjoy your spare time with energy and vitality. Imagine how much more you could give of yourself to your team, and your family. Imagine growing old strong and smart.


I can help you unravel bad habits and build new healthier ones.

The good news is I can help you retake control of your health, lose weight and feel great. I do not offer off-the-shelf programmes. I work with you to create your unique health plan.

Each health plan is created according to the goals and timing required for each individual. This is because each person is unique (and a one-size-fits-all approach fits no one very well).

Each plan includes addressing lifestyle habits, nutrition, and exercise. The outcomes can include short-term improvements in cognitive function, stamina, strength, weight loss, stress and long-term health risk lowering and slowing down ageing.


My Approach

My approach is centred on my own health journey and scientifically validated wellness principles. Principles that support our genetics with optimal nutrition, effective exercise, and stress reduction. I break down the latest science and jargon so that you are informed and can make better decisions.