About GeneLife

Genelife was established in Perth, Western Australia and by Nick Eggleton in 2019.

GeneLife has a mission to fight conventional wisdom of the ‘health industry’ with scientific, evidence based, personalised and ancestral methods to improve people’s healthspan. To allow them to live longer and healthier lives.

Genelife’s Health Coaches are Certified by the Primal Health Coach Institute in the USA. The Primal Health Coach Institute was founded by globally renowned author, and entrepreneur Mark Sisson.

Coaches undergo rigorous education and examination in order to certify, with regular recertification to ensure that their knowledge is absolutely up to date with current science.

Other Allied Health Professions

We work together with some enlightened Doctors, Naturopaths and Therapists that understand that a Health Coach is an important part of your wellness team!

But many see Health Coaches as under qualified, ‘johnnycomelatelys’ with competitive ideologies to theirs.

But this attitude can be detrimental to your health goals.

Think for a moment how much time your doctor spent with you during your last visit? 10 minutes? You probably spent longer in the waiting room!

In that time your doctor had to quickly diagnose your symptoms and prescribe something to make the symptoms less. That would not be enough time to address the cause of the symptoms and redress those.

GPs also don’t have much time to listen to you, your situation or provide clear strategies to accomplish your health goals, and certainly not the time needed to support your reprogramming of bad habits into good ones.

Also, it is not well known that most GPs spend very little time during their qualification on nutrition and its impact on health, illness or healthspan. Sometimes for older doctors it was as little as one seminar.

To become a certified health coach means doing much more research and educational examination on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle impacts on a healthy human.

Furthermore, many doctors can be influenced by big pharmaceutical companies to prescribe drugs that in many cases offer little benefit, and have debilitating effects on your health.

As Health Coaches we take our time (at least an hour) to audit all the nutrition, exercise and lifestyle factors that are contributing to your current health and wellness.

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