About Nick Eggleton

About Me

I used to be a very unhealthy marketing agency owner.

I was overweight as a result of years of poor habits in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

I drank a little, pretty much every night, ate everything I wanted, but always felt bloated. I snored and suffered sleep apnoea.

My skin and stamina were poor, I often felt lethargic, sometimes my memory would let me down. I was a stereotypical stressed and ‘moody’ businessman and the wrong side of 50.


What changed

I regularly listened to podcasts (like Tim Ferriss / Joe Rogan) and occasionally one would discuss nutrition and I started to look at the idea of food differently. Not as an art form or to be unconsidered, but as something more scientific. More medical and mindful.

I became worried about developing age related illnesses as a consequence of my poor habits. Things like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and especially dementia.

As a ‘marketing guy’ and a huge sceptic, I also recognised marketing was part of the problem. I understood how I’d been programmed to ignore what my body was saying and listen to the 'medical experts', sponsored by or influenced by the food and pharmaceutical industries.

For years food manufacturers have used marketing and lobbying to re-programme the way we as a society think, feel and believe in food and to economically direct us towards their profitability by changing and normalising behaviours that go against nature and do not serve our health.

So, I began to listen, read, collect data, analyse and educate myself to plan a change.

I found and studied medical research articles on real scientific websites such as PubMed and read many books on the subject.

I began to change my lifestyle, and have never felt healthier or been healthier.

I even managed to lose 40 Kilos in the process.

The change was so dramatic I found people asking why, and how, and to help them to do the same. I could bore people to death for hours on the science and answering questions. I'm so passionate about the benefits that I wanted to share this opportunity with people like me.

So, I trained as a Health Coach and now support the implementation of healthy lifestyle habits for people, especially ones that run businesses and their staff, because I can relate to their challenges.

Especially those that have little time, lots of stress and the same worries I had about ageing, weight gain and living a longer healthy life by preventing illness, and are possibly concerned their bad habits could affect the lives of their children, and their children's children.”

I’m no fitness freak or nutrition nerd. No woowoo wally.

I love eating. But I find so called ‘healthy food’ bland.

I didn't enjoy exercise. But I want to be healthy and fit without following an exhaustive, time-consuming exercise programme.

Over the hundreds of hours of study and years of self-experimentation, I've learned how to look healthy, feel healthy, live healthy and slow-down the ageing process and be physically the best my genes will allow. In the process cutting the risks to the most common causes of death: cancer dementia, diabetes and heart disease in the process.

I want you to experience these benefits as well.

By understanding, planning and committing to engaging in behaviours that promote your optimal gene expression.

My job as a health coach is to support you.